By lauracohn
August 11, 2016

There’s new proof that allegations of sexual harassment aren’t confined to the corridors of Fox News.

Just-released research from the Trades Union Congress and women’s equality group Everyday Sexism Project in the U.K. shows that 52% of women have had to deal with sexual advances, groping, and unwanted off-color jokes in the workplace. The problem is especially acute for women just starting out: 63% of those 24 or younger said they had experienced such behavior.

If that weren’t bad enough, nearly 80% of those who said they had been sexually harassed say they did not report it. Fear plays a role, particularly if you’re a junior employee in your first job and don’t want to stir the pot. But sadly, so does money. The report says the 1,200-pound (roughly $1,570) fee required to file a sexual discrimination claim in the U.K. means some women are “priced out of justice.” Since the fee was introduced, sexual discrimination claims have declined by 76%.

Everyday Sexism asked women to share their stories using the hashtag #HarassedAtWork. You can find a sampling of how Twitter users responded in this story by Fortune’s Kristen Bellstrom.

Activist Laura Bates, who founded Everyday Sexism, told the Thomson Reuters Foundation sexual harassment is “so pervasive” because “it isn’t being talked about.” Let’s hope the widespread press coverage of the report–and the ongoing saga about tension at Fox News after the resignation of Roger Ailes amid sexual harassment allegations–can put us on a short path to change the pervasiveness of this ugly behavior.



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