How is 50 Cent linked to Ma 'Pony' Huateng, chairman and chief executive officer of Tencent Holdings?
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By Christopher Tkaczyk
June 21, 2016

Most Americans don’t know Chinese internet giant Tencent (it’s like a combination of Google and Facebook), which announced earlier today that it is buying videogame developer Supercell, maker of the popular Clash of Clans games, for $8.6 billion.

But most Americans do know rapper and mogul 50 Cent. So, since global business is a small, small world, let’s play Six Degrees of Separation to put two Cents together.

Six Degrees in Business

1. Last year, 50 Cent, whose real name is Curtis Jackson, was named by Forbes as the fourth richest rapper in the world with an estimated net worth of $155 million. But later in the year, he filed for bankruptcy protection.

Photograph by Gabe Ginsberg — Getty Images

2. In 2005, 50 Cent partnered with Glacéau to create the flavor Formula 50 for its VitaminWater brand.

Photograph by Maury Phillips — WireImage via Getty Images

3. Coca-Cola purchased Glacéau for $4.1 billon in 2007, and as a minority shareholder, 50 Cent walked away with a stake valued at $100 million.

Coca-Cola products

Photograph by Daniel Acker — Bloomberg via Getty Images

4. In Belfast in 2011, Coca-Cola sponsored the Cinemagic Film and Television Festival for Young People, which was hosted by Liam Neeson.

Photograph by Joel Ryan — AP

5. In 2015, Liam Neeson starred in a Super Bowl commercial for the mobile game Clash of Clans: Revenge.

Clash of Clans / YouTube

6. Earlier today, it was announced that Clash of Clans developer Supercell would be bought by Chinese internet company Tencent for $8.6 billion.

Supercell Co-Founder and CEO Ilkka Paananen and Martin Lau, President of Tencent.

Supercell Co-Founder and CEO Ilkka Paananen and Martin Lau, President of Tencent.Photograph by SEPPO SAMULI — AFP/Getty Images

But that’s not the only way 50 Cent is connected to Tencent. Here’s another route:

Six Degrees in Hollywood

1. Earlier today, Chinese internet company Tencent bought a $8.6 billion stake in Finnish videogame developer Supercell, which makes Clash of Clans.

Courtesy of Supercell

2. In 2015, Supercell spent $9 million on a Super Bowl commercial for Clash of Clans: Revenge. The ad starred Liam Neeson.

Clash of Clans / YouTube

3. In 2009, Liam Neeson starred in After.Life, which featured Malachy McCourt.

Photograph by Richard Drew — AP

4. In 2008, Malachy McCourt appeared in Righteous Kill, which starred Al Pacino, Robert Deniro, and 50 Cent.

© Overture Films/Photofest

That’s only 4 degrees of separation, so let’s not stop there.

5. In 2013, 50 Cent was in Twelve, which was narrated by Kiefer Sutherland.

Photograph by John Shearer — WireImage via Getty Images

6. In 1992, Kiefer Sutherland was in A Few Good Men with, you guessed it: Kevin Bacon

Columbia Pictures/Photofest


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