By Chris Matthews
June 8, 2016

If a company has secured a spot on the 2016 Fortune 500 list, that means they sold more than $5.1 billion worth of goods and services in 2015.

But selling all that stuff doesn’t necessarily mean that a company earns a profit. In fact, more than 10% of the Fortune 500 lost money in 2015, with 20 of those companies losing more than $1 billion last year, and four losing more than $10 billion. As you’ll see, many of these companies are clustered in the oil and gas sector, where the continued decline in the price of oil last year put pressure on those firms that make their profits selling petroleum and other energy-producing commodities.

But it wasn’t just the energy exploration sector that struggled in 2015, as several retailers, manufacturers and services companies made the list of 2015’s biggest billion-dollar losers. Check out the list below, after the graphic.

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