Passengers who book Etihad Airways' The Residence—a private suite that includes a bedroom, bathroom, and a lounge area—pay $38,000 to fly from Mumbai to NYC.
Courtesy of Etihad Airways
By Valentina Zarya
May 6, 2016

Have an extra 40 grand? Consider flying Etihad Airways on its newest route, which connects Mumbai and New York City via Abu Dhabi. You’ll need twice that amount if you want to make it a return flight.

For $38,000, passengers can book a one-way ticket on Etihad’s infamous Residence, a private cabin that includes a bedroom, lounge, and private bathroom. The Residence exists only on Etihad Airways’ Airbus A380, which has the distinction of being the largest passenger plane in the world.

The previous record for most expensive commercial flight was also held by Etihad—for $32,000, the carrier took passengers from New York to Abu Dhabi.


Aside from 125 square feet of space, $38,000 gets a passenger a private butler, a personalized menu by an inflight chef, and concierge service—including a luxury chauffeur, private check-in, and lounge.

Check out these photos of the Residence below:

Courtesy of Etihad Airways

Courtesy of Etihad Airways

Courtesy of Etihad Airways


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