Hillary Clinton and Bernie Sanders on a debate stage in Brooklyn ahead of the New York primary.
Photograph by Jewel Samad AFP/Getty Images
By Ben Geier
May 2, 2016

Bernie Sanders is promising that he will stay in the race for the Democratic nomination and attempt to win the contest at the Democratic National Convention in July.

“It’s virtually impossible for Secretary Clinton to reach the majority of convention delegates by June 14 with pledged delegates alone,” Sanders said in remarks to the National Press Club in Washington, D.C on Sunday. The Vermont Senator is going to try to win the Democratic nomination by flipping enough superdelegates — the party officials and others who can vote for whichever candidate they want, regardless of how their home state voted.


To make his case, Sanders again cited polls saying that he would perform better than Hillary Clinton against Republican frontrunner Donald Trump (and other potential Republican candidates).

As he as done before, Sanders criticized the Democratic Party’s presidential nomination process. He stressed his belief that he and Clinton should get the votes of superdelegates from the states they won.

The next nominating contest will be held on Tuesday in Indiana. The final races will be held in June, including the mammoth California primary.


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