The International Space Station.
Photograph by Paolo Nespoli—ESA/NASA via Getty Images
By Michal Addady
April 6, 2016

NASA is in the market for a new logo for one of its projects.

The space agency has launched a logo-designing contest, open to the public, in partnership with It is looking for someone to create a logo for its In-Space Manufacturing project. The end-game of the ISM project is the development of the first “machine shop” in space.

NASA sent the first 3D printer to the International Space Station last year, and it’s working to develop a fully-functional 3D printing Fabrication Laboratory as part of its “make it, don’t take it” approach. As the phrase suggests, it wants to create parts in space rather than sending them all the way from earth. It wants the “Fab Lab,” as it’s affectionately referred to, to create parts with various types of materials, embed printed electronics, and have recycling capabilities.

The contest brief states: “The product should graphically convey the key theme of space exploration and on-demand manufacturing/repair.” The winning logo will appear on presentation, public outreach, and education materials as well as team items, including shirts and mugs.

Whoever designs the winning logo will be awarded $300. The contest, which was launched on April 6 and closes on April 14, had over 300 submissions at the time of writing.


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