A woman walks past a billboard for Windows 10, the latest operating system from US software giant Microsoft.
Photograph by Jung Yeon-Je—AFP/Getty Images
By Laura Lorenzetti
March 31, 2016

Microsoft has been building up its newest browser, Microsoft Edge, and it’s tricking out the latest platform with some bold features, including ad blocking.

The Internet platform launched with Windows 10, the company’s latest operating system update that came out last year. Microsoft Edge is still in its early development, but a session at the Build Conference in San Francisco this week provided some insight on where it’s headed, reported ZDNet.

On the list of development to-dos: adding a plug-in store, building a download and save prompt, and fixing crash problems. Right after those issues, as No. 4 on the list, Microsoft (MSFT) is looking at building an ad-blocking feature directly into the Edge browser. This could come as soon as the next version, according to the breakdown on ZDNet.


Other companies have also baked in ad-blocking software directly into their browsers, including Apple (AAPL) with its newest Safari versions on mobile. Other companies haven’t done so. Not surprisingly, Google (GOOG), which makes about 89% of its sales from advertising, has avoided building ad-blocking software directly into its Chrome browser. Users can still download JavaScript extensions separately to add their own ad-blocking option onto a browser like Chrome.


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