Kanye West said he moved from Nike to Adidas because the German company gave him more creative freedom.
Photograph by Dimitrios Kambouris 2016
By Ben Geier
March 28, 2016

Last month Kanye West unveiled his new album “The Life of Pablo” to much fanfare and Twitter drama, but he only released it on Tidal, the streaming platform that he is a part owner of. But as of Monday, one of the tracks from the record is available on competing streaming sites Apple Music (aapl), Google Play (googl), and Spotify.

Ok, so its not actually one of the tracks from the album but a new version of the song “Famous” — the one that caused controversy for a diss and risque line about Taylor Swift.

West made a big deal when the album was released of the fact that he wouldn’t be releasing physical albums anymore, seeming to put another nail in the coffin of physical media. Of course, by only releasing his album on Tidal he cut out a huge portion of listeners who use one of the other services. His frenemy Swift made waves a few years ago when she pulled her music from Spotify because the company wouldn’t limit access to only paid subscribers.



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