Courtesy of Mercedes-Benz
By David Kiley
March 13, 2016

For about a decade, luxury sport-utility vehicles have been living large in the hearts and heated garages of the well-heeled. But the category has been growing so fast that some brands, like Bentley and Jaguar, which heretofore had refused to enter the muddy fray, are launching their first SUVs and will take on established players like Mercedes-Benz, Audi (audvf), and Jeep.

Sales of U.S. cars and light trucks grew 5.4% in 2015, a record year. But with the drop in oil prices, luxury SUV and crossover sales jumped 20%, to 985,480, according to data compiled by Autodata.

The shift to luxury-appointed SUVs is not difficult to figure out. “This is about the needs of utility with the emotional wants of prestige,” says Rebecca Lindland, senior director of consumer insights at Kelley Blue Book.

For more on luxury cars, watch this Fortune video:

Automakers are raising their game this year and into 2017. Here are five of our favorites:


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