Republican presidential candidates Donald Trump and Senator Ted Cruz at the CNN presidential debate in Las Vegas.
Photograph by Ethan Miller — Getty Images
By Tessa Berenson and TIME
January 20, 2016

Yesterday was a very bad day for Ted Cruz, and today Donald Trump continued to pile the misery on the Texas Senator.

Speaking at a rally in Norwalk, Iowa Wednesday morning, Trump went on an extended riff against Cruz, hitting him on being born in Canada and failing to disclose a Goldman Sachs loan during his first Senate campaign.

“What’s he going to do, be rough on Goldman Sachs when he’s got a personal guarantee for like whatever the number was, a million dollars?” Trump said of Cruz’s undisclosed loan. “So I think you gotta think about that. .. And he said with the being a Canadian citizen he said, ‘Oh I didn’t know that.’ How did he not know that? Then he said with the loans, ‘Oh, I didn’t know that.’

Trump then leveled a harsh criticism at Cruz before a Republican audience: He compared him unfavorably to Democratic frontrunner Hillary Clinton: “Smart guy, he doesn’t know that? Yeah, that’s worse than Hillary when you think about it.”

On Tuesday, Iowa Governor Terry Branstad said he doesn’t want Cruz to win, and former Cruz supporter Sarah Palin endorsed Trump for president.

Earlier in the primary season, Cruz and Trump had been nice to each other, but the “bromance” ended when the two became closer in the polls.

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