SoulCycle CEO Melanie Whelan attends the IVY Innovator New York Dinner in New York City.
Photograph by D Dipasupil — Getty Images
By John Kell
December 30, 2015

Americans overwhelmingly begin each year with the best intentions. The plan for 2016 will sound a lot like 2015, 2014, and many preceding years. Stay fit, eat healthy and ultimately, lose weight.

Unfortunately, most admit they also fail to achieve these goals. The top two New Year’s resolutions for 2015 were “stay fit and healthy” (a goal for 37% surveyed) and “lose weight” (32%), according to a Nielsen survey. But more than 75% of those polled say they didn’t follow a diet program in 2014, despite the fact that 43% of Americans had expected to do so.

Fitness company executives say their businesses can help support meaningful change. To help more Americans meet their goals, low-cost operator Planet Fitness (PLNT) is offering a New Year’s promotion early in January to help lure more fitness enthusiasts and neophytes to the gym. Blink Fitness, a competitor to Planet Fitness in the low-cost category, says 20% of annual marketing is budgeted for the New Year’s resolution period.

On the other end of the spectrum, spin-class operator SoulCycle kicks off the new year with midnight rides. It also offers 90 minute “resolution rides” – doubling the typical 45 minute class time.

Fortune chatted with four top fitness executives to get the skinny on the best ways to set realistic goals and get fit in 2016. Here are their most helpful tips:


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