An image of McDonald's Chicken McNuggets.
Photograph by Yoshikazu Tsuno — AFP/Getty Images
By Benjamin Snyder
December 16, 2015

You can’t make this stuff up: Someone made a miniature vending machine that dispenses McDonald’s (mcd) Chicken McNuggets.

And it’s made from Lego bricks.

The machine, which was created by Astonishing Studios, lets a user put in coins, add sauce packet, a box, and chicken nuggets. After that, it’ll serve the McDonald’s (mcd) meal from a compartment, as reported by AdWeek.

The product is small enough to fit on a desk, although there are a few kinks. It can only hold a couple boxes of McNuggets at once, which the user must buy directly from the fast food chain. Plus, each box only holds four nuggets.

And if you wanted one for the holidays, you’re probably out of luck. It doesn’t appear to be on sale by the maker, although it has a store selling other products.

Check out a video of the McNuggets machine in action:

Astonishing Studios describes itself as “a toy YouTuber who makes candy machines, dispensers, vending machines, arcade games and other creations out of Lego,” according to its YouTube channel. “My content is meant for children and adults who are young at heart, as you are never too old to build with Lego.”

The YouTube channel also features videos of a Lego machine that mixes chocolate milk, a gumball dispenser, and another that doles out Hershey’s kisses.


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