Photograph by AP
By Laura Lorenzetti
December 3, 2015

Android users rejoice, a plethora of new emoji are coming for you.

Google’s senior vice president of Android, Hiroshi Lockheimer, announced that the Nexus phone will add a suite of all-new emoji next week. The full lineup isn’t yet confirmed, but it will certainly include a unicorn, lion, and crab, according to Lockheimer’s tweet preview.

Nexus users will be the first to get the new release, and since Android platforms are spread over multiple manufacturers, it will be up to each company to push out an update to appropriate users. Therefore, Android phones from Samsung , LG, or HTC won’t be able to download the new emoji suite right away.

Apple users received a new load of emoji earlier this year as part of the iPhone’s iOS 9.1 update. Emoji additions included the robot, taco, and champagne bottle.


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