A SoulCycle bike.
Photograph by Jason Merritt — Getty Images
By Kristen Bellstrom
December 2, 2015

Sitting on stage at Fortune‘s Most Powerful Women Next Gen Summit in San Francisco on Wednesday, SoulCycle CEO Melanie Whelan, Sprout Pharmaceuticals co-founder and CEO Cindy Whitehead, and sweetgreen president and COO Karen Kelley look just as fit and healthy as you’d expect given their professional devotion to wellness.

Yet, as many of the women in the audience seemed relieved to discover, even these healthy professionals have their vices.

For Whelan, who leads an indoor cycling empire, it’s the sun. “I love a good suntan,” she admitted. “I’ll be honest with you—I’m not really not that into sunscreen.” (She swears she’s religious about screening up her two children, though.)

Whitehead, whose company recently launched the first ever prescription medication for women with low sex drive, copped to a weakness for caffeine. “I run on iced tea,” she said. Turning to Whelan, she added: “If I’m in one of your classes, instead of water, I’m still secretly drinking caffeine.”

Kelley’s vice is also coffee-related, but she swears it’s not about the caffeine. “I have to have my vanilla latte in the morning. It’s my comfort food. I’ve tired many times to give it up and switch to coffee, but it’s just not the same”

But the panelists didn’t settle for being relatable—they also hoped to inspire their audience. To that end, each woman shared her No. 1 health tip.

Whitehead encouraged attendees to take control of their own health, urging them to be more proactive and to “do your homework.” Whelan also hit on the idea of taking personal responsibility. Make workout plans with friends, she said: “It’s more fun—and you’ll hold yourself accountable.”

Kelley, whose fast casual restaurant chain focuses on healthy fare, told attendees to “eat real food, keep it simple.” She also made another suggestion that prompted enthusiastic nods from the women attending the early morning session: “As I’ve aged, I’ve learned the power of a great night sleep,” said Kelly. “And not just for your own personal well being, but for those around you.”

For more about SoulCycle, watch this Fortune video:


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