An Airbnb listing at the MGM Grand Signature in Las Vegas, Nevada.
Courtesy of Airbnb
By Kia Kokalitcheva
November 20, 2015

Home-sharing startup Airbnb has raised a fresh $100 million in funding at a $25.5 billion valuation, according to a report from the Wall Street Journal.

This latest round of funding comes only months after a $1.5 billion mega-round the company raised at the same $25.5 billion valuation, signaling that Silicon Valley soaring valuations may be cooling off. The report also includes figures from a recent presentation the company showed off to investors as part of its fundraising including data about its bookings, revenue, and financial forecasts.

According to the presentation, Airbnb generated $2.2 billion in bookings in the third quarter, and $340 million in revenues (the company takes a small cut from the bookings). Guests booked 23.8 million nights in the third quarter, compared with 11.3 million in the same quarter last year. Airbnb now forecasts revenue of $900 million for this year after previously projecting $825 million for the fundraising completed in July.

The Journal pointed out that a bottom line is missing from the presentation, which it said was likely because of Airbnb’s big losses. In June, the Journal reported that Airbnb expected an operating loss of about $150 million for this year.

However, Airbnb is actually fairly close to profitability, which it expects to reach in 2016, a source close to the company told Fortune. In contrast, the Journal‘s source says this will happen in 2017.

The new round comes just at the heels of a political battle the company waged in its hometown of San Francisco. Earlier this month, Airbnb successfully defeated a ballot measure that would have imposed much stricter limits on its customers’ use of the service. Airbnb spent more than $8 million fighting the measure and has since said it plans to organize local community-based political efforts to ensure regulations don’t stifle its operations.

For more about Airbnb, watch this Fortune video:


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