Crayola products on sale at Walmart.
Photograph by Tim Boyle — Getty Images

It's crowdsourcing the designs.

By Michal Addady
November 11, 2015

Crayola doesn’t think coloring books are just for kids anymore.

The iconic crayon and marker maker is teaming up with do-it-yourself e-commerce site Brit + Co on a coloring book for adults.

The companies crowdsourced designs from Brit + Co’s online community as well as from 99designs, an online graphic marketplace, according to a press release.

The 78-page book, dubbed Pattern Plays, features images drawn from “pop culture.”

“As part of a larger initiative to understand how creativity impacts our lives, we partnered with Crayola to create a coloring book for grown-ups as another way for our audience to express themselves creatively,” Brit Morin, the CEO and founder of Brit + Co, who’s been called the Martha Stewart of Silicon Valley, said in a statement.

The coloring book is being sold exclusively at Target, both in stores and online, for $9.99.


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