Supporters of Bernie Sanders.
Photograph by Scott Eisen — Getty Images
By Chris Matthews
November 6, 2015

Bernie Sanders’ campaign for president has been hugely inspiring for left-leaning Americans, judging by just how many he has convinced to donate money to his cause.

But some political analysts are arguing that despite the Vermont Senator’s impressive rise in the polls in recent months, his support may have reached a ceiling. A survey of national and state polls by Bloomberg Politics shows that the momentum of the campaign is shifting in Hilary Clinton’s favor. “Sanders is not so much declining, but has maximized his potential support and bumping up against his ceiling,” Ken Goldstein, a professor of politics at the University of San Francisco told Bloomberg.

The report continues:

Early-state surveys have shifted in Clinton’s direction. Sanders is trailing by double digits in Iowa. His lead in New Hampshire through August and September has since diminished or evaporated, depending on the poll. In South Carolina, Clinton leads by a whopping 71 to 15 percent in a Winthrop Poll released Wednesday.

On a national level, polls have also shown Clinton’s lead growing, following strong performances during the House’s Benghazi hearing and the recent Democratic presidential debate.


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