By Heather Clancy
September 15, 2015

If you thought the buzz around Apple’s product launch last week was loud, brace yourself for four days of Salesforce propaganda.

The company’s Dreamforce conference is expected to draw close to 150,000 customers and developers to San Francisco. That’s almost one-fifth of the entire city’s population. It even had to put up 1,000 attendees on a cruise ship!

Two of the most significant product introductions have already been made public this morning. The company is making a long-anticipated foray into the Internet of things, courtesy of its home-spun data processing technology called Thunder. It has also endowed its flagship Sales Cloud with some nifty sales intelligence features, such as when it makes sense to call a specific prospect. Plus, it’s getting much more aggressive at targeting smaller businesses.

Among notable tech executives that will walk across the stage this week: Cisco’s Chuck Robbins and YouTube’s Susan Wojcicki. Microsoft CEO Satya Nadella is scheduled to speak Wednesday. Expect an update tomorrow on the unprecedented alliance between the two companies, announced in May 2014. Enjoy your Tuesday!



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