Travis Kalanick, Uber's CEO, is a focus of protesters' anger.
Bloomberg Bloomberg via Getty Images
By Benjamin Snyder
September 11, 2015

Uber’s CEO Travis Kalanick didn’t get the warmest reception when he spoke with Stephen Colbert on the comedian’s new late night television show, according to Business Insider.

The publication reported that during a taping of the show, there was at least one audience member who “accused Kalanick of destroying taxi-industry jobs,” according to the article. Colbert reportedly let the audience member continue speaking.

Kalanick’s response was to say that his company pays better than the taxi industry and also has flexible hours for those working at the popular ride-sharing service.

Per an apparent audience member on Twitter, who witnessed the event unfold:

For more on Uber, Seattle is considering letting members of the ride-sharing service unionize with Lyft, a competitor.


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