By John Kell and Alan Murray
August 19, 2015

Fortune’s list of the Fastest Growing Companies is out this morning. Based on three-year growth rates, it provides a fascinating snapshot of dynamism in the economy. Last year, the energy sector dominated, with 25 of the top 100 companies involved in producing, moving, refining or servicing oil and gas. The shale boom’s bust has pushed most off this year’s list, with only seven energy entries remaining. Facebook and Netflix both made the grade this year, joining a lot of cyclically sensitive businesses as well as a number companies riding the boom among Chinese consumers


But health care continues to be the big story. Lannett, a generic drug maker that expanded at a 314% annual rate over the last three years, topped the list. Gilead Sciences, with a three-year growth rate of 67%, was the largest company to make the cut. Healthcare provider Centene of Missouri was also in the top 10. Other economic trends may come and go, but demographics is destiny.


Also out this morning is the speaker roster for our Brainstorm E (energy and the environment) conference in Austin next month (Sept. 28 & 29). It’s a great line up. I’ll be interviewing Whole Foods co-CEO Walter Robb at the event about his company’s struggle to combat rising competition in the rapidly changing natural and organic food business. Attendance is by invitation only, but special consideration is given to CEO Daily readers. If interested, go here.


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Alan Murray


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