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By Shivani Vora
August 14, 2015

The wine world has no shortage of showstopper cuvées, where the price is high and the demand even higher. But a big secret among cognoscenti is that a handful of their vintners also produce lower-priced bottles that, until now, have mostly flown under the radar.

“These other labels come from the same companies and have the winemaking philosophy and resources as the famous wines yet are undiscovered to some extent,” says Kristie Petrullo Campbell, the managing director of the New York City-based distributor IPO Wines who has also worked as a sommelier at Jean-Georges.

These hidden gems are sometimes produced on the same estates using the same grapes as the super stars, but the fruit for them usually comes from younger vines and isn’t considered to be up to snuff for the top-end wine. In other instances, they’re made in a different region all together.


Affordability aside, these lesser known bottles are a win for both consumers and winemakers according to Raj Vaidya, the head sommelier of the two Michelin-starred New York City eatery Daniel. “The brands get more revenue and keep their name out in the marketplace while buyers get a wine that has exceptional quality and doesn’t need to age like so many fine cuvées do,” he said.

Not just for geeky oenophiles anymore, here are five wines that have the pedigree without the price.


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