By Jonathan Chew
July 29, 2015

Corruption. Commodity price drops. CEO mismanagement. Even the rise of clean energy.

All these factors contributed to some headline-making negativity surrounding a handful of companies in the Global 500. In total, 54 corporations suffered losses that amounted to $91.7 billion. The steep decline in the prices of key commodities, such as oil and iron ore, destroyed the bottom line of energy firms like Germany’s E.ON and Britain’s Anglo American. For the US Postal Service, regulatory payments out of their control resulted in an unfavorable balance sheet. For companies like Petrobras and the Royal Bank of Scotland, scandals and financial impropriety at the highest levels have made the road back towards profitability a tough one to chart.

You can delve deeper into our entire Global 500 list here for a closer look at each company’s data. Here’s a rundown of the 10 biggest losers of the Global Fortune 500, starting with a Mexican oil company that lost $10 billion more than the nearest corporation.










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