Apple's stock is currently in a "death cross" pattern.
Photograph by Zhang Peng — LightRocket via Getty Images
By Jen Wieczner
June 11, 2015

To be in the Fortune 500, a company must have recorded at least $5.19 billion in sales last year. But how fast did they get there? The speed at which Fortune 500 companies grow their sales (or shrink them) determines whether they scurry up the ranks, sink like a stone, or perhaps just stay put.

In 2014, the median revenue growth of a Fortune 500 company was 4.3%. Still, a single year only tells you so much; more impressive are the rocket-ship companies that can boost their sales year after year. To that end, we screened the Fortune 500 to find the companies that had the greatest revenue growth over the past five years, and they are an impressive bunch: To make the cut, they had to average more than 30% annual sales growth for five years straight.

One surprise in this contest? Apple (AAPL) didn’t win. Read on to see which companies did. (You can also use our all-new digital Fortune 500 list to rank this year’s companies by 2014 revenue growth; to do so, click here and sort by “Rev Change.”


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