By Chris Matthews
June 9, 2015

Landing a place in the Fortune 500 means that your company is a big deal: Every company on this year’s list brought in at least $5.1 billion in revenue last year.

But just because a company is huge doesn’t mean it is always profitable. Nine companies on this year’s list lost more than $1 billion in 2014, despite being among the heaviest hitters in terms of revenue. Some of these companies won’t surprise you: There are several energy firms on the list of the Fortune 500’s biggest losers, reflecting the enormous decline in oil prices that occurred in the second half of last year. Others can better be explained by poor managerial decisions, like Target’s ill-advised foray into Canada, which the company pulled the plug on in 2014, taking billions in losses in the process.

This year’s all-new digital edition of the Fortune 500 lets readers sort and filter our list based on dozens of different criteria, including profitability. (You can visit the list here to take a deeper dive into the data.) In the meantime, here are 2014’s nine biggest losers.


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