Brit Morin, CEO of Brit + Co
Photo by Andrew Toth—Getty Images
By Kia Kokalitcheva
May 21, 2015

Looks like Brit + Co-founder Brit Morin, “Silicon’s Valley’s would-be Martha Stewart,” is continuing to build her empire with a big $23 million bag of cash, according to a filing to the SEC.

Brit Morin, a former Googler who is married to Dave Morin, founder of photo-sharing app Path, launched Brit + Co in 2011. The company is a hybrid of online content, through its site for do-it-yourself tips and projects, and e-commerce through its Brit Kits and other lifestyle merchandise, like jewelry and home decor items, it sells. Its audience is mostly women in their 20s and 30s. As of September 2014, the site had about 859,000 visitors every month, according to the measurement service comScore.

For a September 2014 story, Morin told Fortune that the company has revenue “in the millions,” but has yet to turn a profit.

The company is often compared to Darby Smart, another company focused on DIY projects for a similar audience, which launched in 2013.

Intel Capital VP Lisa Lambert is named as a board member on the filing. Intel Capital would be a new investor in the company.

A company spokesperson confirmed the funding round to Fortune, but declined to share any details, including the valuation.

Brit + Co previously raised a total of $7.6 million from investors that include Cowboy Ventures, Index Ventures, Founders Fund, General Catalyst Partners, and Yahoo CEO Marissa Mayer.

(The story has been updated with confirmation from Brit + Co that it has raised this new funding round.)


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