Sir Richard Branson kite-surfing to northern France on July 1, 2012.
Photograph by Stefan Rousseau — PA Wire/AP
By Colleen Kane
May 5, 2015

For CEOs, being fit isn’t just about health or vanity–these days it’s another part of the job. If an executive is visibly out of shape, others in the workplace may perceive them as less effective both in performance and in interpersonal relationships, according to research by the Center for Creative Leadership.

Exercise for bosses is no longer limited to making deals on the golf course. They’re now working out at their office gyms, they’re biking to work or on international charity rides, and they’re competing with peers in organized competitions from CEO Challenges. The 2014 winner of their Fittest CEO competition was Shawn Talbott, Chief Science Officer of LifeVantage Corporation.

The following are 6 leaders of business who have gone public about their fitness routines and their benefits.



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