By John Kell
May 4, 2015

After reading Sheryl Sandberg’s Lean In, my wife periodically admonished me: “Why can’t you be more like Dave?” She was referring to Dave Goldberg, Sheryl’s supportive spouse, and CEO of SurveyMonkey. I wanted to reply that she shouldn’t believe everything she reads. But in Dave’s case, I knew better. He was the real deal.

Dave, who died unexpectedly Friday at the age of 47, wasn’t just another billion-dollar-startup CEO. He was an exceptionally generous man who, while guiding his company’s hyper growth, always had time to help others. He cared deeply about journalism, and more than once offered his time, wisdom and network to help guide Fortune and Time Inc. to our digital future. We will still try to get there without him. But it would have been faster, surer and a lot sunnier with him. Our heart goes out to Sheryl and their two children.

You can watch an excerpt from my interview with Dave at the Consumer Electronics Show in Janauary here, talking about why he had no interest in taking SurveyMonkey public.

Alan Murray


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