By John Kell
April 20, 2015

Moore’s Law, which celebrated its 50th birthday on Sunday, may be nearing an end. Supratik Guha, the director of physical sciences at IBM, writes on Fortune that the miniaturization of computing power is about to hit physical limits. But no matter, he says. A new generation of computers with more human-like cognitive capabilities – able to recognize patterns from massive amounts of data, and make inferences and qualitative decisions – will drive the next big leap forward.

Murphy’s law, meanwhile, still reigns when it comes to cyber security. Today’s news has Raytheon spending $1.7 billion to acquire computer security firm Websense. Today also marks the beginning of the world’s largest gathering of cyber security experts – the RSA conference in San Francisco. Our appropriately named correspondent, Robert Hackett, reports on the event, and tells us total information-security spending is likely to reach $76.9 billion in 2015.

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