A Facebook employee tests servers at the company's hardware labs in Menlo Park, California, on April 7, 2014.
Photograph by David Paul Morris — Bloomberg via Getty Images
By Benjamin Snyder
April 16, 2015

It’s no secret that Facebook and other Silicon Valley tech companies pay well. But ever wonder just how much?

Business Insider used data from job hunting site Glassdoor to determine which Facebook positions pay the most, excluding top executive positions. To determine the roles at Facebook that offer the most cash, Business Insider only used average salary data for positions featuring at least 10 reviews. That means some positions were inevitably left off.

Here are the five highest paid positions:

1. Engineering manager: $164,999

2. Senior software engineer: $159,545

3. Software engineer V: $155,071

4. Technical program manager: $149,581

5. Product manager: $146,490

In January, Facebook reported revenue of $3.85 billion, an increase of 49% from last year. The company also posted better-than-expected earnings per share of $0.54 versus analysts’ expecttions of $0.48.


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