By John Kell
April 16, 2015

West Coast editor Verne Kopytoff reminds us this morning that Google cofounder Sergey Brin used to attack Microsoft as a “convicted monopolist.” Brin may regret that now that the European Union has filed formal charges against Google for favoring its own comparison shopping engine in search results. Buried in this morning’s Wall Street Journal story on the case is a nugget saying News Corp, which owns the Journal, “joined a group of companies that have filed formal complaints with the commission regarding Google’s competition practices.”

Meanwhile, Jacques Attali, first president of the European Bank for Reconstruction and Development, came by Fortune’s offices yesterday. Attali believes Americans have become too pessimistic about Europe’s prospects. But he adds: “a central bank without a Treasury is not sustainable. Europe needs a Treasury.” Attali has criticized the European Central Bank’s loose money policies as a “Ponzi scheme.”

Separately, Draghi was attacked at his press conference yesterday by a confetti-throwing protestor. Video here.

Enjoy the day.

Alan Murray


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