Steven Taylor—Getty Images
By Tom Huddleston Jr.
March 19, 2015

Sony has become the latest major player to enter the streaming television market by introducing a paid service in New York, Chicago and Philadelphia.

The pay-TV service, Playstation Vue, offers both live television and on-demand streaming video from more than 50 channels, including several major broadcast and cable networks, at a base monthly price of $50. Playstation Vue is available to PS3 and PS4 owners in three U.S. cities, with the service expanding to more areas and other devices (including the iPad) later this year.

Sony (SNE) is the latest domino, and a big one, to fall in the ongoing evolution of Internet television that is shifting the industry away from the traditional television subscription model. The launch of the Playstation Vue follows the Dish Network’s release of the similar Sling TV subscription service, and it comes just one day after reports surfaced saying Apple’s (AAPL) own online pay-TV service could launch later this year.

In addition to the various independent networks that have recently launched their own online subscription services, popular streaming services such as Netflix (NFLX), Hulu and Amazon Prime (AMZN) have paved the way for the coming wave of online-television bundles.

Whether you’ve already cut the cord, or you’re just considering parting ways with your traditional cable bundle, there seem to be more and more Internet-only options that are either available now or in the works. Here’s a breakdown of what new services are out there, what’s on the way, and how they all differ.


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