Photograph by Marcio Jose Sanchez — AP
By Benjamin Snyder
March 4, 2015

A forthcoming app could make bosses everywhere aware of their employees’ every move. And employees would have to wear it on their wrists.

BetterWorks, an 18-month-old startup service used by businesses to track employee goal progress, recently announced an app for smartwatches. The service has the backing of Google board member John Doerr, according to Wired. It’s set to be unveiled this summer.

The app appears to be tailored for the Apple Watch, which is expected to launch in April. More details are likely to be announced at an Apple event on March 9.

The app works like this: BetterWorks tracks performance digitally all the time and allows co-workers to “nudge” each other to work harder, or congratulate one another for an accomplished task. On the desktop version, there’s the ability to view org charts of workers, check out analysis of project progress and set goals, according to the company website. CEO Kris Duggan told Wired: “The real product metaphor for me is: FitBit for Work. How do we make things open, transparent, measurable, and engaging?”


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