Photograph by Kay-Paris Fernandes — Getty Images
By Benjamin Snyder
March 4, 2015

As the launch date for the Apple Watch nears, the company is gearing up by reportedly instructing employees how to sell such a personal new device.

The Watch, which will start at $349 but likely go up to several thousands of dollars, will be sold less like a phone, and more like jewelry, according to a report by 9to5Mac. In an alleged copy of the selling strategy obtained by the website, Apple suggests that “many customers have already decided they want an Apple Watch.” It continues: “With the right questions and the APPLE Steps of Service, you can make great Apple Watch recommendations that suit both personal style and lifestyle,” according to the guidelines.

The strategy is then broken down into three distinct features: The first is ascertaining what the customer already knows. This portion of the sales guidelines appears to be a survey for the salesperson to better understand the consumer’s knowledge of the product. Basically, to help put the person at ease. The questions include “What interests you most about Apple Watch?” and “How do you see yourself using Apple Watch?”

The steps also finding out if customers phones are compatible with the Watch and suggesting they upgrade if not. The remainder of the questionnaire deals with personal style, such as “Are you looking for a watch that’s more casual or formal?” and “Would you like additional bands to suit different occasions?” That also provides the opportunity for the salesperson to gauge the shopper’s interest in the luxury stainless steel and gold models, according to 9to5Mac.

Apple will hold an event where it will likely reveal more details on March 9.


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