By Ben Geier
February 25, 2015

A hacking group that calls itself “Lizard Squad” has apparently claimed a new victim.

Computer company Lenovo’s website was hit by hackers claiming affiliation with the group Wednesday, The Verge reports. While the site now appears back to normal, some visitors on Wednesday afternoon saw a slideshow of pictures of two individuals dressed up as sullen teenagers, accompanied by a song from the movie High School Musical.

Lenovo has been in hot water recently for pre-installing software on its laptops that exposed a security vulnerability exploitable by hackers. Lenovo was criticized for not taking the problem seriously enough when security experts first exposed the issue, but it then promised to stop pre-loading the software in the future. It also posted a tool Lenovo owners can use to check for and delete the offending software, called Superfish.

The brief website hack may be a response to the Superfish incident, though it was not clear as of Wednesday.


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