By Benjamin Snyder
February 17, 2015

Scenes of “bros” posing and stretching at the gym. A couple others are arm-wrestling with full intensity. Blink an eye and watch as even more bros work out with free weights. Is it an advertisement to join a gym? Nope, it’s a video to sell protein shakes.

That’s how Organic Valley’s “Save the bros” campaign kicks off. The goal? To push the company’s supposedly healthier shakes on unassuming bros who are, as Organic Valley puts it, “chugging toxic chemical junk found in their favorite food source: protein shakes.”

“Organic Valley has a solution,” the ad’s YouTube description says. “It’s called Organic Fuel. Watch this important film and share it with a bro.”

While the video campaign is new, the products don’t appear to be. In fact, Organic Valley launched its line of milk protein shakes in June of 2014. Organic Valley touts itself as the “largest organic farming cooperative in North America.” It produces a slew of products besides protein shakes, including milk, cheese, juice and eggs.


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