By Daryna Tobey
December 23, 2014

Over the next two weeks, most of us will put our lips to a Champagne flute at least once. And almost as many of us will spend a few flummoxed, wild-eyed minutes at the corner store, scanning the racks for just the right bottle.

When shopping for Champagne, many customers come in “looking for a bottle of wine that, when they pull it out at their house, everyone knows what it is,” says Theo Snyder, manager of the Total Wine & More in Sacramento, California.

Rather than leave you to your own devices (which may or may not include making wine-buying decisions based on rap songs or label color), Fortune blind-tasted more than 50 vintage and nonvintage, brut and rosé bottles from the biggest names in Champagne, at prices ranging from $36 to $375 a bottle.

Our goal? It’s not to send you into the hinterlands chasing mythical wines you’ll never find, but instead to evaluate and recommend Champagnes you should be able to buy around the corner. Today. Whatever your budget, whatever the occasion, we have just the Champagne for you.

Want to know more about some of the other bubblies we tried? See our additional tasting notes.


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