By Benjamin Snyder
September 24, 2014

Apple (AAPL) seems incapable of doing wrong. It’s a huge company delivering tech products to the masses (and with 10 million iPhone 6s sold in just three days, we do mean masses). But it is, in fact, fallible.

Today, the tech giant hammered that point home with two gaffes: Bendgate and updategate, as reported by Fortune. Bendgate centers on the new iPhone 6 Plus, which is so thin that it can be warped or broken if sat on. Updategate is revolves around the latest update to Apple iOS and the fact that it can cause phones to lose cellular service and disable their fingerprint unlocking system.

Of course, over the years, Apple has messed up a number of times, both small and large. Here are a few of those tech and retail-related errors:

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