By Ben Geier
September 2, 2014

Hello, friends and Fortune readers.

A busy day in business as the new quarter gets started and companies emerge from their summer hibernation. Here’s what you need to know:

Apple under fire for celebrity phone hacks

Its the story that no one can escape — the celebrity phone hacks. Leaving aside the salacious and gossipy, there is one big business question — how did Apple let this happen? Re/code is reporting that Apple is investigating the privacy breaches.

Germany says ‘nein!’ to Uber

The German court has temporarily banned the e-hail car service nationwide, citing consumer protection issues. Their issue is that most Uber drivers are not certified. The Uber Black service, which uses certified drivers, is still able to operate.

How much are we spending?

Gallup’s consumer spending number for August comes out today. In July the average American spent $94 a day, which was down from the 6-year high of $98 from May.

More Dollar General shenanigans

Things could soon get ugly in the Dollar Store War of 2014. Dollar General has upped its bid to buy rival Family Dollar to $9.1 billion, and says it could go hostile and appeal to shareholders if the bid isn’t accepted, reports Reuters.

Mr. Cantor goes to Wall Street

Eric Cantor, the former House Majority Leader who lost in a primary to a Tea Party Challenger earlier this year, is now working at investment bank Moelis & Co, according to a Reuters report. Cantor had resigned from his House seat following his defeat.


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