JB Nicholas/Splash News—Corbis
By Andrew Nusca
June 3, 2014

‘The art of communication,” James C. Humes, a speechwriter for five presidents, once said, “is the language of leadership.” And an art it is. In today’s fave-this, like-that social media environment, a chief executive of a Fortune 500 company can share a status update from a head of state 6,000 miles away and then respond, directly and in real time, to a tough question from one of his customers—all in the span of a minute, and all in a public forum for the world to see. (Talk about a high-wire act.) Not every executive has dared to give Facebook, Twitter, Google Plus, or LinkedIn a try. For some business leaders, though, socializing is part of the job. In our inaugural Fortune Social Register, we pick the most experienced, active, influential, and followed members of the business community. Call them socialites; call them social butterflies. Whatever the term, we can all agree that it’s something to tweet about.

The Fortune Social Register: Follow the master Twitter feed of our editor-curated list of the most impactful businesspeople on social media.

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