By Philip Elmer-DeWitt
May 28, 2014

FORTUNE — We know at least two things are going to happen next Monday:

  • Apple’s (AAPL) shares will split 7 for 1
  • Apple will give more than 5,000 developers new marching orders

The stock has been on a tear since April, when the split, a small dividend increase and a big new share repurchase plan were announced. Apple closed Tuesday at $625.63, its highest price since Oct. 2012.

Whether it’s got ahead of itself is the multi-billion dollar question, and on that opinions are divided.

Half the analysts we track think Apple’s share price still has a ways to go — all the way to $777 a share, according the most bullish among them. Half think it’s overpriced today — either that or they haven’t dusted off their 12-month targets.

“I have not updated my price target,” says Needham’s Charlie Wolf, who’s still at $590 a share and will not be budged. “I suspect the stock is moving up in front of WWDC. If Apple does not introduce new products, the price could fall back to $550-$575. If Apple pulls a surprise, I may have to respond. But I will at least have a reason for doing so.”

Below: The analysts’ published price targets, as current as I could make them. Updates appreciated.

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