Source: Counterpoint Research
By Philip Elmer-DeWitt
May 23, 2014

FORTUNE — Apple (AAPL) still dominates the U.S. market for smartphones, according to a report issued Wednesday by Counterpoint Research’s Neil Shah. But you can’t tell from the accompanying multi-color donut charts (see below) which way the wind is blowing.

For that, you have to look at a few more quarters of data. They show the biggest change was at AT&T (T), which saw Apple’s share of its smartphone shipments fall 25.7% — from 70% in Q1 2013 to to 52% last quarter. (See bar chart.)

By contrast, Apple’s share of Verizon’s (VZ) shipments was basically flat, falling only 1 percentage point year over year, from 52% to 51%.

Among Shah’s other findings (emphases his):

  • Apple & Samsung together captured more than two-thirds of the smartphone market
  • TCL-Alcatel became the fourth largest handset supplier and fifth largest smartphone supplier in USA, mainly taking share away from Huawei
  • Android share rose to 59% of the total smartphone shipped during the quarter & Windows Phone grew to slightly under 4%
  • Three out of four smartphones shipped during the quarter were LTE smartphones
  • Apple & Samsung combined captured more than 70% of the LTE shipments
  • In terms of in-carrier share for the brands, Apple dominated the big two carriers capturing more than half of Verizon & AT&T’s smartphone shipments and more than a third of smartphone shipments at T-Mobile & Sprint respectively
  • Samsung was the top brand at T-Mobile and regional carriers while the next best performing brands were: Nokia (at AT&T), Alcatel (at T-Mobile), ZTE (at Sprint) & Motorola (at Verizon)
  • T-Mobile (with MetroPCS) is now the third largest smartphone carrier in terms of smartphone volumes buyer closely behind AT&T overtaking Sprint platform (with all MVNOs). Uncarrier strategy is surely working for the carrier attracting a wave of new smartphone subscribers

Below: How the big-four U.S. carriers divided last quarter’s share of smartphone shipments.

Source: Counterpoint. Click to enlarge.

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