By Laura Lorenzetti
May 22, 2014

FORTUNE — Another day, another automotive recall. This time it’s Toyota (TM) that’s joining the string of recent car callbacks.

The Japanese automaker said Thursday it is recalling over 380,000 vehicles in two separate recalls: In one, about 370,000 Sienna minivans will be recalled, and in the other 10,500 Lexus GS 350 sedans have been recalled due to safety issues.

Sienna minivans produced between 2004 and 2011, which retail for an average of $35,800, have been recalled for owners in cold weather climates. The high concentrations of road salt are corroding the under-carriage area where the spare tire is mounted, which could cause the carrier to break off.

Lexus recalled its 2013 GS 350 sedans, which sell for as much as $50,000, because of issues with its brake pedal assembly. Due to a manufacturing error, the load sensing mechanism causes the car to brake without the driver ever touching the pedal, causing “unexpected moderate deceleration” without activating the rear brake lights.

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While Toyota didn’t have specific data to define a moderate deceleration, it’s “something that customers would notice,” said Cindy Knight, a spokeswoman for the company.

Toyota is not aware of any accidents or fatalities resulting from the issues and said that Lexus dealers will replace the offending mechanism.


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