By Dan Primack
November 13, 2013

FORTUNE — Elon Musk has conquered the roads with Tesla Motors (TSLA). And he’s rocketed into orbit with SpaceX. Might he now be considering something (literally) in between?

During an interview at today’s New York Times Dealbook conference, Musk admitted that he began designing a new means of supersonic travel after the Concorde was canceled in 2003:

“I do think there’s an interesting opportunity to create a supersonic, electric ,vertical takeoff and landing jet,” Musk said. “It seems unlikely to come from Boeing (BA) or Airbus, given that they seem to be focused on very incremental improvements to their planes as opposed to radical improvements. So it could come from a startup. If I were to have another company in the future, which would not be any time soon, I think that would be the thing do do.”

Musk adds that the idea is based on his fundamental belief that the future often seems to be getting worse instead of better, something that also prompted his interest in the so-called hyperloop method of mass transit.

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