By Philip Elmer-DeWitt
October 25, 2013

FORTUNE –Some of the Apple (AAPL) analysts’ 12-month price targets in the attached spreadsheet may be out of date. Many were set last spring, and if they’ve been updated since then, I didn’t get the memo.

But several of these targets were just reiterated or reset earlier this week.

Scott Craig, for example, raised Merrill Lynch’s target from $520 to $530 on Tuesday, one day after the stock closed above $520. On Thursday, two days later, Carl Icahn helped pushed Apple over $532.

Craig is not the only analyst having trouble keeping up. Of the 48 published targets I’ve received, 18 of them (37.5%) are underwater.

Not everybody is swimming in Ed Zabitsky’s end of the pool. Four analysts’ targets are above Apple’s all-time intraday high of 705.07, set just over a year ago. The overall average is $555; the median $550. See full list below the fold.

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