By JP Mangalindan
October 21, 2013

FORTUNE — Apple (AAPL) faithful, get those credit cards ready. On Tuesday, the company is holding an event in downtown San Francisco that will almost certainly mean the unveiling of all-new iPads. But what else will Apple trot out? New Macs? New iPods?

We won’t know for sure until 10 am Pacific/1 pm Eastern tomorrow, but here’s what we can probably expect:

iPad 5

Last year, Apple bucked its own tradition of updating the iPad once a year, when it introduced a new iPad model just six months later. That model included an A6X chip with twice the speed but kept the look of its predecessor. This time around, a redesign is a no-brainer. Rumors and purported leaked images point to a casing that’s much more in line with the slimmer, first-generation iPad mini, introduced last year, with thinner borders on the side. Also, expect another hardware bump, this time with a processor similar to the one A7 chip in the iPhone 5s.
Odds: Slam dunk

iPad mini 2

Two words: Retina Display. Last year’s 7-inch iPad received generally positive reviews, but its comparatively low-resolution display, though serviceable, trailed far behind the sharpness of its larger sibling and the competition. Apple will almost certainly fix that this year, as well as introduce a minor speed bump with upgraded parts. 
Odds: Almost certain

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New iPods

Though the dedicated music player is no longer the headline-churning product it once was, Apple has sold hundreds of millions of them since its introduction in 2001. As a revenue stream, demand remains undeniable, and the company should roll out refreshed iPods, accordingly.
Odds: Very likely

OS X Mavericks

Sure, Apple technically unveiled the latest desktop software update at an event earlier this year, but chances are audience-goers tomorrow will learn even more about OS X Mavericks, named after a famous Northern California surfing spot, including a firm price point and launch date. Given last year’s Mountain Lion update retailed for just $19.99, we expect Mavericks to follow suit. 
Odds: Almost certain

New Macs

When Apple refreshed its bestselling MacBook Air line earlier this year with Haswell, Intel’s latest processor line, battery life skyrocketed: reviewers saw charges well north of 10 hours with the 13-inch model. In my own review, the 11-inch model lasted 8.5 hours with web browsing. So updating the MacBook Pro line in the same fashion is a no-brainer. More compelling than the MacBook Air’s now undeniably impressive battery life will be how those more power-hungry MacBook Pro Retina notebooks benefit from the inclusion of the new energy-sipping processors.
Odds: Likely

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