By Philip Elmer-DeWitt
September 4, 2013

FORTUNE — Apple’s (AAPL) share of the U.S. smartphone market, grew to 43.4% from 35.6% between May and July according to a Kantar World Panel survey released Monday, a gain of 7.8 percentage points that came almost entirely out of the hide of Google’s (GOOG) Android (down 7.6 points).

That may come as a surprise, given that Apple hasn’t released a new iPhone since September 2012, and the smartphone news this year was dominated by Samsung’s Android-based Galaxy S4, which arrived just before Kantar’s survey began. In fact, news outlets reporting on IDC’s and Gartner’s latest smartphone data have been telling a very different story. See, for example, Wednesday’s Apple’s sliding mobile market share at

The reason for the discrepancy is clearer when you see Kantar’s full spreadsheet, below, which reports county-by-country data with considerably more granularity than either IDC or Gartner.

The world turns out to be a mosaic of very different smartphone preferences. In Spain, for example, Androids still outnumber iPhones by nearly 15 to 1 despite Apple’s 3 percentage point gain, while iOS’s market share actually shrank in China (-3.9%) and Germany (-2.1%).

Note: The headline of this week’s Kantar report (“Record share for Windows phone“) like the one that preceded it, is all about Windows Mobile, perhaps reflecting the fact that Kantar is a subsidiary of the London-based WPP Group, which sells online ads for Microsoft


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