Photo: Brian Henn

Spot the trend in these corporate internal slogans, the kind meant for employees: “One Ford.” “One Deloitte.” “One Microsoft.” Those companies and many more see a giant opportunity to create world-beating customer experiences — if only their disparate parts can work better together. The slogans signal a shift toward valuing teamwork more than ever; that’s why Fortune’s editors have assembled our third annual Executive Dream Team. Our starting lineup is a Murderers’ Row of standout performers, and each is also a team player, working for the success of the whole enterprise, not just his part of it. A particular challenge for many companies now is making the top team as global as the business is. “Think about the message companies send to their talent pool by consistently selecting native leaders at the top,” says Pankaj Ghemawat of IESE Business School, who finds that only 14% of companies on the Fortune Global 500 are headed by non-native CEOs. Our squad includes a Chinese entrepreneur, a British marketer, and a Brazilian CEO. True team building, as distinct from just hiring excellent performers, is an ability most managers lack. So if you don’t like our Dream Team, that’s great — create your own, and figure out why it’s better. You’ll build skills that the world increasingly prizes. –Geoff Colvin

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