By Stephanie N. Mehta
August 9, 2013

Craig Dubitsky is, in his own words, “obsessed with design.” So it is no surprise that the founder of Hello Products, a new line of toothpastes and other oral care items, would pick German industrial designer Dieter Rams as his dream designer in the Fortune Fantasy Executive League online game. Dubitsky, who was an early investor in Method, the cleaning products company, says he is trying to position Hello and its wares as unintimidating and approachable as possible. So it isn’t surprising that he thinks a corporate team needs to be “insanely thoughtful.” He spoke to Fortune’s Stephanie N. Mehta about his picks:

Craig Dubitsky: (For designer) I’m unabashedly biased about the power of design, and when I saw you had Dieter Rams, I was like, “That’s awesome!” Less is more, but it really is hard to do simple. Dieter Rams really had his arms around the power of simplicity and beauty. I saw his name, and I thought, he would give any company a huge competitive advantage no matter what they do.

(For entrepreneur in residence) I picked Tony Hsieh from Zappos. If anyone understands the value of people, and how people have the ability to delight other people, it is him. It seems like the smallest thing, but being insanely thoughtful can be insanely powerful.

(For CIO) I picked Ben Fried. Who knows more about information than Google (goog)? It is cataloging all the world’s information. If you could choose anybody to be your fantasy CIO, who better than Ben?

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(For CMO) I’m a huge fan of Beth Comstock of GE (GE). She’s taken things that weren’t magical for a long time — jet propulsion engines, for example — and made them relevant again. It wasn’t about outspending anyone, it was all about highlighting the power of innovation and elevating the everyday.

Marc Andreesen is my utility player. Come on! The guy invented the browser, but more importantly I think he understands how to simplify complex ideas. The guy isn’t just ahead of the curve, he’s investing in the curve, he’s helping to create and own the curve. And he’s wired into the people who are going to create the future.

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