By Dan Primack
August 6, 2013

* Blodget: Why Bezos bought WaPo

* Surowiecki: The pay is too damn low

* Buffett: Walter White is “a great businessman”

* Game over: OMGPOP begs for life, but Zynga kills it anyways

* FINRA reminder to brokers: Don’t help clients launder money

* Morning Call: U.S. futures flatEurope climbs and Japan rebounds.

* Rise: Big year for public pension returns

* The Melbourne example: Libraries needn’t be relics

* New York to online lenders: Abide to interest rate cap

* Peter Henning: The gray line of “confidential information”

* Bijan Sabet: What if Steve Jobs had been happy and focused?

* Activists: Private equity buyouts shortchange shareholders

* Is it a hoax? The worst thing a “hedge fund manager” has ever written

* Tweet of the Day: @alexberenson Bezos has done just fine with a company that doesn’t make money, so newspapers are a natural…

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