By Philip Elmer-DeWitt
July 20, 2013

FORTUNE — I don’t spend a lot of time writing about Microsoft (MSFT) these days, but the company’s re-entry into the tablet market last summer felt like news I should be covering.

After all, Apple (AAPL) had succeeded where Microsoft had, for so many years, failed. And now Redmond was back, gunning for the iPad.

So I watched Microsoft introduce the Surface RT and the Surface Pro last June, curious to see what they might mean for Apple, and I wrote a series of blog posts tracking the progress of the new devices.

Now that we have solid evidence — in the $900 million write-down Microsoft announced Thursday to account for unsold Surface RTs — that the company’s latest forays into the tablet market have been less than a stellar success, this may be a good time (and the perhaps the only time) to look back at my Surface stories.

In chronological order:

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